Adapting to the tablet maga-trend

tabletsYou may be interested why we haven’t mention much on Flash.

First of all, be frank, our core strengths are in server-side open source technologies especially php and perl, Flash is not a must-have in our key services offering. More importantly, there’s a big consumer revolution in recent years in which people migrate from desktop computer to mobile phones and tablets.

One of the major implications is that many fancy Flash contents are now rendered unviewable on tablets, or at least being turned off by default.

Though you may heard that Steve intentionally dropped the support for Flash during the launch of iPad, the real underlying reason is in fact the battery drainage problem. Flash consumes considerably high CPU power and bandwidth to render its animated content, leaving the batteries dry faster than expected always. This dramatically reduced the interests of tablets and mobiles OS and software developers to give Flash supports.

There are, however, good substitutions which can deliver functions pretty similar to those of Flash and are gaining popularity in recent years. The most significant ones may be the video players and slideshow players, which are now usually deploying with HTML5 or Ajax.

It’s still a long way for Flash to be completely obsoleted, but as a developer we need to keep in mind always that it will happen some days.

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