Rich Experience with Ajax


Ajax is a technology combining JavaScript, XMLHTTP and server side programming like php or asp. It has a very techie full name “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” but in principal Ajax simply means the above technologies work side by side together. The details on Ajax may sounds too complicated to business Continue reading

WordPress security – Part II


In the previous article we talked about WordPress security in terms of site infrastructure and administration. Comment field, though is born to be good to create interactions, however, is a potential security threat too. A WordPress site heavily spammed with junk comments does not harm directly as what hacking does, Continue reading

WordPress security – Part I


WordPress is a great open source web app for blogging and building a feature-rich CMS. It is, however, important to take necessary WordPress security measures to make it your reliable spoke person on the web. As far as infrastructure and administration are concerned, the following are crucial: Never use “admin” Continue reading