eMail Marketing Solutions

eMail Marketing SolutionsFrom now on you can manage your mailing lists and email marketing campaigns with ease like never before.

With an intuitive web interface, you can manage the following through your browser on the fly:

  • Adding new mailing lists
  • Appending or bulk uploading new members to particular mailing list
  • Uploading and managing your eNewsletter content
  • Selecting the appropriate list(s) and content and schedule a campaign
  • Tracking open rate
  • Tracking click through rate
  • Tracking bounce back
  • … and more

With a few lines of customized HTML codes, you can even plug the opt-in form for a particular campaign seamlessly into your website.

For more information, please [dcscf-link text="contact us"] and let us walk you through other benefits you can enjoy from our eMail Marketing Solutions.

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