Facebook – The visibility secrets

Facebooksecrets-IconA few months ago Facebook simplified news feed into one single stream called “story”. There will be no more confusing “top news” or “most recent” tabs. And more importantly now the users have instant control on what they want to see and what they don’t.

Now your visibility will be governed by a new algorithm called EdgeRank. Except those insiders working on the algorithm, nobody knows exactly how it works. From statistics, however, the following were deducted:

EdgeRank comprises the following 3 major factors, in priority as below:

If a certain friend make you interact with him often, such as making you like his posts or comment on his posts, he is having a high affinity towards you. His post will have a higher priority to be shown on your wall.
Someone who are not very close to you but has a large friend base with lots of responses will have the same effect too.
On the other hand, the current Facebook interface allows you to “turn off” affinity immediately by using the dropdown menu from the right corner of each post.

Post Type
The type of post has great effect on visibility too. It’s natural. Facebook always tries to make your wall full of interesting contents to maintain its stickiness.
In simplest terms the preference is:
Video > Photo > Link > Text status-update

Do you think you’ll be like a hot potato if you post as if you’re tweeting? No, sorry.
One of the major changes in visibility algorithm is the frequency factor. Posting too frequently will now have negative impact on visibility to others.
Research found that the optimal grace period for each post is 3 hours.

So no matter you are an individual or a marketer, make sure you do the following to make your posts highly visible:

  • Be interesting and response-arousing
  • Be rich in content
  • Be updating at a right frequency

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