O! Freebies

webtoolsO! Freeibies are small web tools from optimo asia which you may find useful. They also demonstrate our capability and style in development: clean interfaces, efficient codes and great usability.


Skit.tl is a short URL service just like bit.ly or tinyURL. Its funny domain name gives a tint of humor to your URL generated. Since it’s not as widely used as the big names, you can freely define user-friendly names as long as they are available.

Skit.tl is written in php+mySQL


You can generate temporary email addresses on the fly if you came across websites requesting your emails yet you are not very confident in. The temporary emails can receive messages in 1 hour time so you can use it for receiving registration information. The addresses will be automatically expired after 1 hour.

Mailvapor is written in php+mySQL

Universal QR Code Generator

It generate QR Code images for a variety of data sources such as URL, vCard, email address or even plain text message. You and download the images or share them to your social accounts.

Universal QR Code Generator is written in php with remote procedure calls to Google infographic API