Open source web apps hosting – Windows vs Linux

linuxvswindowsThere’s a long debate on whether Linux or Windows is better for hosting and running open source web applications.  For decades Linux is an obvious choice due to the fact that they both grew from a common ground.  And from time to time we also heard about php performance problems under the Windows Internet Information Services environment.

As time goes by,  nowadays ISAPI and php are working like a handsome couple and in reality, you can even deploy a whole suite of WAMP (Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP) as your native web services under Windows server environment, though some people may argue why one should stick to Windows under such a circumstance.  On the other hand cost,  after all,  is still one of the most important concerns while considering Windows platform.

So our suggestions are:  If your company is engaged to Windows servers already, or your top management is really keen on a “branded” server environment in spite of the higher cost of ownership, Windows won’t be wrong at all. Otherwise our recommendation is still Linux because of the stronger community supports, flexibility and of course, its open source nature.

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