Rich Experience with Ajax

ajax_logoAjax is a technology combining JavaScript, XMLHTTP and server side programming like php or asp. It has a very techie full name “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” but in principal Ajax simply means the above technologies work side by side together.

The details on Ajax may sounds too complicated to business decision makers or users like you. But there is a key advantage of deploying Ajax that you should know. We call it a “rich” user experience.

You probably remember that in the old days while you clicked and submitted a “contact us” form from a web page, your current page was then reloaded or you would be redirected to another web page. It’s indeed annoying if you are working on a web application, say an online accounting system, with such a lot of page reloading actions via your browser.

“Rich experience” refers to the situation that the users can interact with web apps without page refresh at all. It’s like working on desktop applications inside a browser. Think about Google Maps, you can interact with the map by pointing and dragging it without any page-reloads at all and you can even jump to any location in the world almost instantly by typing its name. Actually Google Maps is one of the most significant and powerful Ajax applications on earth so far.

We also made an Ajax free service web app called It’s a URL-shortening service just like or Give it a try and you’ll notice that the site is working with just one single web page. Screenshot

A URL shortening services using Ajax to interact with users

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